AI International Innovation Hub

Foster 100 AI-related Start-ups. Develop international AI innovation clusters.

Expand cultivation of new AI startups

  • Integrate guiding mechanisms to support AI-related start-ups

  • Promote AI-related research service companies (RSCs)

Bridge international capital markets and industrial value chain

  • Introduce the international venture capital and advisory organizations to make the connection between AI-related start-ups and the international capital markets

  • Cooperate with international flagship companies that have set up R&D bases in Taiwan to spearhead the innovation business links and industrial value chain in AI

Develop international AI innovation clusters

Encourage international and local collaboration

  • Inspire investments with international flagship companies and select proper topics for cooperation

  • Initiate the national venture capital and promote cooperation for local and foreign investments

  • Consolidate research resources of Taiwan’s advanced institutes

Introduce international flagship companies to establish AI R&D centers

  • Encourage the International flagship companies to set up AI R&D centers in Taiwan and bridge the local AI industries

  • Provide R&D service facilities, test fields, and domain data

Build international alliances among industrial and academic circles and enliven applications of AI intellectual properties