AI Talent Program

Cultivation, Training, Attracting


1,000 Elites in Intelligent Technologies

  • 1,000 high-caliber talents in intelligent technologies by 2021
    • 800 AI talent prospects from the universities
    • 200 high-caliber talents in intelligent system technologies from the research organization
    • Encourage international enterprises to establish AI R&D centers


10,000 Pioneers in Intelligent Applications

  • 5,000 talents in practical intelligent technologies
    • 2,000 university talents per year in cross-domain intelligent applications
    • 2,000 corporate employees per year in intelligent applications
    • 1,000 people per year trained in secondary skills


Recruiting Global AI Talents

  • New Act for the Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professionals
  • Expand programs for attracting worldwide AI talents
  • Promote the innovative clusters of AI talents and provide a convenient living and educational environment

Talent certification mechanism in intelligent applications