Qualcomm sets up multimedia and AI R&D centers in Taiwan

The two centers will start operating in early 2019

United States technology giant Qualcomm on Wednesday set up a multimedia research and development center and an artificial intelligence innovation center in Taiwan to start operating in 2019.

The project would integrate the company’s resources with Taiwan’s hardware and software supply chain, the Liberty Times reported.

3D facial recognition, and virtual and augmented reality were among the domains the multimedia center would deal with, laying the foundation for cooperation with other new businesses.

On-device AI would form the focus of the company’s AI center with design and development opportunities for Taiwanese small and medium enterprises in order to produce smartphones and Internet of Things products, according to the Liberty Times.

The two centers were expected to start operations early next year, while cooperation with top universities and research institutes in Taiwan would allow local academic research to reflect global trends and integrate international resources, Qualcomm said.

Source:Taiwan News